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When people ask me, “what do you write about?” I always struggle to answer the question without stumbling over my words, trying to do justice to the wide range of themes here while also acknowledging the cohesive foundation underneath them. I guess it feels hard to collapse the complexity of your entire mind into a single sentence. But if I had to answer, I might say that I write about my thoughts, life, and experiences in a way that seems to mirror the thoughts, life, and experiences of others in a chillingly synchronous way. I might say that I write to get to the “root” of my seemingly personal problems. And in that process, I find the root that pervades not just my experience, but the universal one it reflects.

Through writing, I’ve learned that the external details of our lives are different, but the themes, challenges and battles we quietly endure beneath them are surprisingly consistent. The details of our inner world can be quite hard to label and understand though (which might be why we feel so alone in experiencing them). I suppose I’ve gone on a sort of excavation mission to discover the emotional, spiritual, and psychological veins that run through the human condition. And to excavate those universal themes, I mine my own—you guessed it—mind.

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The human condition has us believe that our problems are extremely personal, private, specific to us—that no one else could possibly comprehend, relate to, or be experiencing what we are going through. But the more personal my writing becomes, the more deeply it seems to resonate with others. Which only convinces me of one thing: that we are all going through very similar things, disguised as very different things. Or to surface one of my favourite quotes: “that which is most personal is most universal.” So, to answer the oh-so-daunting question of what I write about: I would say that I write to find the invisible commonalities that underlie our unique experiences of being human.

I write to understand myself and share what I learn in the hopes that in the process, I might help someone understand themselves a little better, too. I write so that we can all feel a little more seen, a little less alone, and a little more at home in ourselves. If any of that resonates, you might enjoy sticking around:

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