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Reading your thoughts on fear, I couldn't help but recall a quote from "Dune" by Frank Herbert: "Fear is the mind-killer." It's fascinating how you, recognize fear as more than just an obstacle; it's a guide, indicating boundaries and safety. Fear isn't just something to bulldoze through; it's got its own wisdom. Appreciate you sharing your insights. It's given me a lot to chew on about how fear fits into our lives.

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yes—and a fierce guide at that! glad you enjoyed the piece and thank you for sharing your thoughts, Gaurav.

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Isabel, great work! Your tweets and Substack essays have become one of my favorite accounts. I almost read everything you write. Thanks

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Same. Deep, introspective, insightful, nuanced piece of writing. Again. Sometimes I come back to reread.

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"Maybe we are not meant to outsmart our instincts. Maybe sometimes, fear is meant to be trusted instead of understood."

In awe of your words. Of your ability to collect so many deeply insightful sentences. I wanted to copy/paste everything. One of my favorite Substacks for sure!!! Always inspiring and energizing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Whoa, I have never heard this articulated before. Extremely relevant as usual though. 🙏🏼

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Fear is real. Everyone fears one or another thing,

Fear is an excuse that gives everyone an out, to avoid their problems.

Anything you're afraid of!

it's stopping you from accessing your next level

But what you do regardless of the fear, that's what matters!

Walk towards your fear, Everything You Wanted Is On The Other Side Of Fear

Fear is the door that won't open

It's beyond that door, you'll find level two!

would also love to quote the words of Carl Jung, " Where your fear is, there is your task”.

P.S :

Stumbled over this and certainly a magnificent piece, Isabel!

Well articulated and loved your writing style!

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